Vol. 10 No. 2 (2023): TJLE Fall 2023 Issue

Cover page for Fall 2023 TJLE issue

Texas Journal of Literacy Education is the official journal of the Texas Association for Literacy Education (TALE), the Texas affiliate of the International Literacy Association. TJLE is a peer-reviewed journal published twice each year, in the Fall and Spring. We seek original research and practitioner articles related to language and literacy practices, from early childhood through adult, inside and outside of the classroom. We welcome all voices from literacy researchers, classroom teachers, and graduate students.

TJLE is proud to be an open access journal. All published content is available at no cost. All copyright remains with the author/s.

The Fall 2023 issue of the TJLE includes a variety of scholarly literacy research and practitioner work from authors across the country. This issue was not themed, but we hope readers will appreciate and find value in the variety within this publication.

Editor's Introduction

This year has been a challenge within Texas literacy settings. Whether you are in a literacy classroom teaching in the K-12 setting or educating preservice teachers who will lead in the future, it has been a time like no other. From more books being banned, to pandemic learning loss, to navigating spaces in which educators are retiring or leaving the classroom at an all-time high—our plates are full.  Though our plates are full, we challenge you to reflect upon what makes Texas literacy education spaces amazing and unique. Give praise or a compliment to your colleagues that you serve with in school every day. Go and watch another literacy educator teach. Swap literacy teaching ideas with educators in other districts. Share your research with someone who has never heard it before. Dig into creative ways to teach by taking part in action research. Take opportunities to write for reflection and write for fun. Most importantly, keep creating magic with your students (younger and older) to instill a love of literacy!

As we close out 2023, the TALE Journal Editorial Board wishes to thank everyone who was a part of this issue—authors/researchers, new reviewers, and our faithful reviewers who are always there for us (we couldn’t produce this without you). As you browse through the scholarly and practitioner works in this issue, think about how the work can impact your classroom or someone you know. Share the journal contents, but also consider sharing your expertise as well. We want the TJLE to shine and reach the world with issues and solutions in literacy from the heart of Texas— we cannot do that without you.  

All the best in the New Year,

Dr. Kamshia Childs (Lead Editor)

Dr. Laura Slay (Lead Editor)

Dr. Juan Araujo (Associate Editor)

Dr. Tami Morton (Associate Editor)


Call for Future TJLE Manuscript Submissions 

Publishing Date: Spring 2024 (Tentative publishing date: May 1st)

Topic: Literacy Coaching and Professional Development in Education 

Submissions Due: February 15, 2024


Publishing Date: Fall 2024 (Tentative publishing date: November 15th)

Topic: Social Justice Issues in Education

Submissions Due: August 15, 2024


Publishing Date: Spring 2025 (Tentative publishing date: April 15th)

Topic: The Science of Teaching Reading 

Submissions Due: February 15, 2025



Published: 2023-12-20